A Guide to Child Custody in Louisiana

Unmarried Parents Living Together

Unmarried Parents Living Together

If parents were unmarried at time of child's birth, the mother has natural tutorship of the child, unless the father has acknowledged the child with the mother's agreement. Paternity can be established either by an agreement called an acknowledgment of paternity, or by blood or tissue testing


Once paternity is established, if there is no court order relating to custody, both unmarried parents of a child have co-equal rights and responsibilities regarding the child.  This is called co-tutorship.


Since court-ordered custody decides which parent the child will primarily live with, when two unmarried parents are living together, they probably cannot get a court order relating to custody. Once the parents are no longer living together, either parent can ask the Court to enter a custody order outlining each parent's individual rights and responsibilities as well as a physical custody schedule.  


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