How Can I Get A Driver's License When I Get Home From Prison?

Authored By: Louisiana Access to Justice Commission

Provisional Driver's Licenses


In 2015, Louisiana passed a law that allows a person who has been released from incarceration to have their license reinstated for a period of one year, despite the existence of certain “blocks” that would otherwise suspend driving privileges (access to this license is governed under Louisiana Revised Statute 32:415.3). Access comes with some exceptions, and this pamphlet is designed to help you determine if you are eligible, and how to obtain a PDL. This one-year period is intended to give a person an opportunity to resolve the blocks that prevent full reinstatement of standard driving privileges while driving with a valid license. Under this law, only a Class “E” driver’s license is available. Commercial, trucking, motorcycle, and other classes of licenses are not eligible for a PDL.


If you can check off ANY the following, you are NOT eligible for a PDL:

  • I have been incarcerated for less than one year.
  • I currently have a valid driver’s license.
  • My driver’s license is currently suspended, revoked, or cancelled because of a motor vehicle-related conviction or traffic tickets in another state.
  • My driver’s license has been suspended, revoked or cancelled because I was convicted of vehicular homicide or a 3rd or subsequent offense of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.
  • I have previously been issued a provisional driver’s license under Louisiana Revised Statute 32:415.3.

If you did not check ANY of the boxes above, then you MAY qualify for a PDL if you also meet ALL of the following:

  • I was incarcerated for at least one year
  • My Class “E” driver’s license is currently suspended, revoked, or has been cancelled for issues besides vehicular homicide or 3rd or subsequent DUI.
  • I held a valid record of a Louisiana or out-of-state Class “E”, or, commercial driver’s license (CDL), in the past OR I have successfully completed driving school and possess the sealed envelope with my results.
  • I have never been issued a provisional driver’s license under Louisiana Revised Statute 32:415.3.


Your PDL will be revoked if:

  • You return to prison on a new offense
  • You commit any act or omission that causes your community supervision, to be revoked.


Go to your nearest Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) office:

You will need to provide proof you were incarcerated for at least one year, and that you were not incarcerated for 3rd or subsequent DWI, or vehicular homicide. Below is information on how to verify your incarceration.

If you were incarcerated with the Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC): If you have a DOC number you can provide it to the OMV. This will allow the OMV to confirm the dates of your incarceration, and to confirm you were not incarcerated for 3rd or subsequent DWI, or vehicular homicide,

If you were NOT incarcerated with the DOC: If you do not have a DOC number, then you were not incarcerated with the DOC. If you were in the custody of a parish prison, you may bring a letter of incarceration issued by the facility. If you were in federal custody you can bring your release papers, a letter from your probation officer, or, a letter from your case manager at your halfway house. A letter from your halfway house case manager, probation officer, or parish prison must state:

  1. That you served a minimum of one year, and
  2. That you were not incarcerated for vehicular homicide or 3rd or subsequent DUI.

Additional Requirements:

  • You will also need to verify your identity, and provide proof of residency. 
  • You cannot have any suspensions on your license in another state.
  • You must have previously held a valid driver’s license, or have proof you have completed driving school.
  • You must pay the standard fees and handling charges (see section on “Fees”)


Standard licensing fees apply. The fee for the issuance of a class E license will range from $32.25 - $38.25. An additional $15 delinquent fee will be assessed for licenses which have been expired for over 10 days. To check what your fee will be, go to:

Fees may be paid by credit card, debit card, money order, or personal check. Checks must include your street address, driver’s license number, and telephone number. Convenience fees will be assessed if paying by credit, debit, or personal checks. Personal checks will be converted to an e-check. To determine the cost of your license based on your method of payment, go to:

You will not have to immediately pay your OMV reinstatement fees that accrued before or during your incarceration. These will be deferred for one year and will be due when you attempt to obtain your permanent Class “E” license when your PDL expires. Only your OMV fees are deferred, you will still need to pay the cost of the driver’s license. When your PDL expires it may be possible for you to pay these OMV fees in an installment plan. If you qualify for an installment plan, the OMV can help you to set one up. For more information go to:


Your PDL is good for ONE YEAR only. It may not be renewed or extended. You are only allowed to be issued one in your lifetime. To be eligible for reinstatement of your permanent driver’s license you must resolve all outstanding blocks on your license during the one year that you hold your PDL, this may include the ticket itself and any outstanding debt, fines, or fees owed on the tickets. 

How do I find out what is blocking my license? You should first determine what issues are blocking your license. For a free listing of your outstanding issues, you may go to:

You will need to enter your Louisiana Class “E” driver’s license number and the last four digits of your social security number. This may not list all the things blocking your license. Typical issues that can block your license include unresolved traffic tickets – including out-of-state tickets – child support debt, and lapses in insurance on any vehicle registered in your name. Prior to OMV clearing a block for an unpaid traffic citation issued in another state , you must provide written proof to OMV that the obligation or debt has been satisfied For example, if you pay off a traffic fine or fee, you should get a paid receipt for the citation. This is usually referred to as a “reinstatement letter” or a “compliance letter.” You should bring a copy of that written proof to the OMV.

Last Review and Update: Oct 29, 2021
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