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Important Information about Flooding from the Louisiana Department of Insurance (Article + Link)

Authored By: Louisiana Department of Insurance

Link Important Information about Flooding -- Louisiana Department of Insurance : www.ldi.la.gov

Important Information about Flooding

Important Information about Flooding


If your home has been affected by flooding and is part of an area declared a federal disaster area, there is help available. You can call 800-621-3362 or go to www.disasterassistance.gov and enter your home or business address to find out if your area has been declared a federal disaster area. 

For vehicle owners affected by flooding: If you have comprehensive coverage through your vehicle policy, you should be covered for flooding damage. Your homeowner's policy does not cover your vehicle in a flood situation. Some federal disaster assistance programs may help with vehicles that are damaged by flood.



For homeowners affected by flooding in a federal disaster area: FEMA's Individuals and Households Program provides money and direct services to those affected by a major disaster. Requirements must be met to qualify for help from this program. You can find resources in your area, apply for disaster assistance and check the status of your application at www.disasterassistance.gov.


For renters affected by flooding in a federal disaster area: The U.S. Small Business Administration provides low interest loans for damage to property owned by homeowners, renters, business and private non-profit organizations that are not fully covered by insurance

For homeowners with flood policy coverage affected by flooding: 


  • Notify your insurer to start the claims process. Make sure you have the name of your insurance company, your policy number, and a telephone number and/or email address where you can be reached at all times.An adjuster should contact you within a few days of filing your claim. If you do not hear from an adjuster, you can contact your insurance agent or company again.


  • Document the damage. Separate damaged from undamaged property. Your adjuster will need evidence of the damage to your home and possessions to prepare your repair estimate. Take photographs of all of the damaged property, including discarded objects, structural damage, and standing floodwater levels. Make a list of damaged or lost items and include their date of purchase, value, and receipts, if possible. Officials may require disposal of damaged items so, if possible, place flooded items outside of the home.


  • Complete a proof of loss to support your claim. Your adjuster will assist you in preparing a Proof of Loss (which is your sworn statement of the amount you are claiming including necessary supporting documentation) for your official claim for damages. A Proof of Loss can be many things, but must contain the specific details set forth in the Standard Flood Insurance Policy. You'll need to file your Proof of Loss with your insurance company within 60 days of the flood. This document substantiates the insurance claim and is required before the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or insurance company can make payment. You'll receive your claim payment after you and the insurer agree on the amount of damages and the insurer has your complete, accurate, and signed Proof of Loss. If major catastrophic flooding occurs, it may take longer to process claims and make payments because of the sheer number of claims submitted.

For Medicare Recipients with Questions: If you are a Medicare recipient in a disaster area and have questions about using your benefits, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Louisiana Senior Health Insurance Information Program at 1-800-259-5300.

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Last Review and Update: Aug 26, 2020