Where are the Law Libraries in Louisiana?

How Can a Louisiana Law Library Help Self-Represented Litigants?

  • Are you looking for information on where to find the law libraries in Louisiana? Law libraries host a variety of resources that can help self-represented litigants including the laws, judicial opinions, and legal forms.
  • The statutory, black letter law, is condensed into codes in Louisiana. Most of these laws are in the "Louisiana Revised Statutes," which can be accessed by searching the Louisiana State Legislature page here
  • In addition, libraries maintain records of the court opinions of Louisiana courts in individual cases. Not all court opinions are published. A law librarian can help you access these opinions. 
  • If you need legal forms, you may be able to find them at the law library. Law librarians may also be able to help you find the legal forms you need. 

Accessing Louisiana Law Libraries

  • Click here for information about law libraries housed in Louisiana law schools. Public school law libraries should be open to the public on most days. During certain times of the year, law libraries may be reserved for students to study. 
  • Click here for information about the law library at the Louisiana Supreme Court in New Orleans.
  • Click here for information about the law libraries of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
Last Review and Update: Oct 20, 2021
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