Lease Terms and Automatic Renewal Clauses

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About Lease Terms and Automatic Renewal Clauses

  • Terms and conditions are usually regulated by the lease agreement. 

  • The landlord and tenant agree to how long the tenancy will last. 

  • They may also agree to any conditions about renewal for another term. 

  • Not all lease agreements are the same. Not all lease agreements have an automatic renewal clause.

Renewal Clauses

About Renewal Clauses

A lease can have an automatic renewal clause. The automatic renewal clause renews the lease for another term equal to the original.

  • To avoid an automatic renewal, either the landlord or the tenant can write a notice of the intent to vacate to the other. 

  • Most leases have conditions that say that a written notice must get sent 30 days in advance of the lease ending. Otherwise the lease might renew. 

  • Leases can contain automatic month-to-month or year-to-year renewal clauses. Again, all other lease terms will remain the same. 

Check to find out if there are any renewal clauses in the lease.

About a renewable period

A renewal period means any period of time that the lease can get renewed, extended, or continued. This tenant can use this option as part of it being a part of the lease.

There are different types of renewal periods for the type of lease

Some leases contain automatic renewal clauses, which renew the lease for another term equal to the original term. E.g. if the tenant has a one year lease that expires on December 31, the lease will automatically renew for another full year with the same terms

Again, all lease terms will remain the same. Any alteration to these terms (i.e. changes in the amount of rent, termination of the lease, etc.) must be made with the proper written notice as provided for in the lease.

Other Lease Terms

Rental Purchase Agreements

Rental Purchase Agreements are different and not included in Section 92716 - Contracts with automatic renewal clauses - La. Stat. tit. 9 § 2716. 

  • In general, a "Rental-purchase agreement" is for business, commercial, or agricultural purposes. It can also be for government agencies or with organizations. 


Last Review and Update: Jun 16, 2022
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