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Issue Guide: Name Change After Divorce

Authored By: Lagniappe Law Lab

About Name Change

To update your name and identification you must apply to have your name changed by the court. You must submit a Petition for Name Change to the parish court. You must also pay a fee.

  • If you want to adopt your spouse's surname after marriage, file your marriage license. You will file your marriage license to the parish minister.

  • If you are a woman who wants to go back to your maiden name after a divorce you can ask the court to change it during your divorce proceeding. A man must file a Petition for Name Change to the parish court.

You can use your court order, marriage license, or divorce court papers to update any other forms of identification.

Laws: §13:4751

Name Change During the Divorce Process

In Louisiana, women can apply to have their name changed during divorce proceedings by including a Petition for Name Change in their divorce papers. Once a divorce has been finalized, women are permitted to begin using their maiden name, even without a court order. Having a court order only makes the process of updating their documentation easier. 

In order for a man to revert to his original surname, however, he must obtain a court order separately from divorce court proceedings after the divorce is final.

Asking the court to go back to your maiden name during the divorce process is the fastest and easiest way. 

To do this, you can request to keep your maiden name in:

  • The original divorce filing,
  • Your answer or reconventional demand, or
  • At a hearing with the judge. 
Last Review and Update: Aug 12, 2022
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