Provisional Custody By Mandate

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About Provisional Custody By Mandate

Provisional custody by mandate allows a parent, tutor, or grandparent with custody, without the need for court intervention to transfer control, care, and custody of a child to another person for a limited period of time. Provisional custody by mandate differs from a complete custody transfer because it is temporary and no court order is required. A parent can retail legal custody of the child while choosing a temporary substitute to care for the child until the mandate is revoked, renounced, or expires, or until a court appoints a tutor for the child. 

Links to the Law

Louisiana Revised Statute 9:954 

The form below is for a temporary transfer of legal custody. This form can get used to transfer custody of a child. Click on the file below to access a copy of this form. 

Provisional Custody By Mandate Form

Last Review and Update: Apr 24, 2023
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