SSI Disabled Child Benefits

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About SSI Disabled Child Benefits

NO. They have the same rights to an evaluation and appeal as children with any other disabilities, and might still be eligible.

NO. However, any special help a child receives at school is considered in determining disability. If a child receives any extra help from teachers or school staff for any reason that information is important to his/her claim.

YES. Any information about how a child's health problems affect his/her ability to learn, play, and function in daily life is important. Information from people who have direct experience of a child's problems, such as case managers, after school tutors, Sunday school teachers, etc. can be used.

NO. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will re-evaluate children around the time they turn 18. This evaluation is to determine if they continue to qualify for benefits under the regulations as an adult. Benefits will continue during the re-evaluation. If SSA determines that the child is no longer disabled, there is a right to an appeal. Benefits will cease if the disability does not meet the standards under the regulations for adults. If the disability meets the standards, benefits continue uninterrupted.

YES. If the appeal is filed within 10 days of the SSA decision, a child can continue receiving benefits.

NOT IF the payee requests a Waiver of the overpayment and certain conditions are true. If the child's parent made the appeal in good faith and attended all SSA meetings or appointments, a waiver of overpayment should be granted.

MAYBE. The child may be eligible for Medicaid under another program. Parents should contact the Medicaid office for more information.

Last Review and Update: Nov 02, 2021
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