Tenants Living in Federal Subsidized Housing

Authored By: Lagniappe Law Lab

Rent Issues

Rent issues in federally subsidized rentals

This covers rent issues with tenants in federal subsidized including: 

  • Rent levels and how they may get calculated 

  • Ceiling Rents 

  • Allowances for Utilities 

  • Rent increase(s) 

  • Other issues


Evictions for tenants in public subsidized housing

State courts must consider and apply federal law defenses to evictions. For public or subsidized housing, federal law may provide defenses which might limit:

  • Grounds for Eviction

  • Prohibit non-renewal of lease

  • Prescribe notice and other procedural prerequisites to eviction

Other violations of federal law in subsidized housing could also include:

  • Retaliatory evictions

  • Failure to give pre-termination grievance hearings

  • Pre-trial discovery

  • Unequal treatment

Tenants in federal subsidized housing programs often cannot get evicted for no cause. State courts have a duty to enforce federal laws that prohibit no-cause evictions. No-cause evictions may occur after the initial lease terms expire.

Rental Help

Last Review and Update: May 11, 2022
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