Understanding Property Under Louisiana Law

Authored By: Lagniappe Law Lab

Movable Vs. Immovable Property

About Movable Property

Moveables are pieces of property that can be moved from one location to another. Your personal property like clothes, jewelry, househould goods, furniture, appliances, etc. are considered moveable property. Bigger things like cars and recreational vehicles are also moveables. Mobile homes / trailers are by default moveables, but they can be made into immovables if certain steps are taken.

About Immovable Property

Immovables i.e. immovable property are things that in general, cannot be moved from one location to another. Immovable property includes things like land, trees, crops and fruits, and buildings / homes that are not capable of being moved.

Corporeal Vs. Incorporeal Property

About Corporeal Property

In civil law, corporeal property is the ownership of material things. It is ownership of a thing that has physical existence. E.g. Ownership of land, money, building.

About Incorporeal Property

Incorporeal property is property that is not physical in touch or form, such as a right to something. E.g. stocks and shares, copyrights and patents. Incorporeal property must be assigned (i.e. mode of transfer of property) to someone, usually by a written document.

Last Review and Update: Jun 29, 2022
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