How To Update Your Social Security Information

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Social Security Record

To Update Your Federal Social Security Record

General Process and Information

You can make your update and get a new SSA card document when you apply to correct your Social Security record.

  • Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA)

  • Complete an application to change or correct information in your Social Security record.

  • Include the following in your application:

    • One unexpired proof your identity document. In general, you can provide your U.S. birth certificate, U.S. Driver's License, or U.S. Passport.

    • Acceptable support of your requested change, which establishes the reason for the change (such as a name change court order if you have changed your legal name)

  • Visit the local Social Security office in-person to submit your primary documents such as your driver's licenses, passport, or immigration documents. You can mail or go in-person to the office with your application and evidence of identity. More options to submit your document(s) may also be available.

  • You can call your local office to ask about setting up an appointment in-person. You can also call to drop off your primary documents in-person.

  • There is no fee to update your information with SSA.

  • You will get a new card in the mail when your application SSA verifies and updates your application.

  • The time to get a new card can take a few weeks for SSA review, verify, and return your original documents to you.

Name and Gender Marker Change Information

Name and Gender Marker Change Information You Should Know About

To change your gender on your Social Security card you must include proof of transition. You can include a Physician's Letter OR a gender marker court order with your application.

Your physical SSA card shows your name and your SSA number. Your SSA card does not show your gender marker on your card. SSA keeps information on your gender marker in your SSA record.

If you are updating your social security record as part of a legal name change, then you must contact the SSA. It is important to have accurate identity documents updated with your legal name. Include a certified copy of your name change court order with your application. This will provide acceptable proof and reason for change to your SSA record.

If you do not have a name change court order you can find more information to see how you may qualify here.

Last Review and Update: Dec 05, 2022
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