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Contractor Fraud And Scams

This resource provides information and guidance on contractor fraud and scams. Contractor fraud or scams can take many forms. This resource gives information about recognizing scam tactics, managing payments and contracts, and steps to take if disputes arise.

Disaster Fraud

This resource covers the various topics and issues that occur within the category of disaster fraud. This goes over disaster fraud and gives information about the detection and prevention of fraud related to a disaster.

Housing After A Disaster

A guide to the legal issues a person may encounter in housing after a natural disaster. This includes information for homeowners and renters.

Disaster Relief

This information gives you a comprehensive overview of disaster legal issues, disaster declarations, steps to prepare for a disaster, and legal deadlines, and provides helpful disaster resources.

Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This information covers the various consumer issues that disaster survivors may face following a disaster.

Homeowners Insurance After A Disaster

This covers information about homeowners insurance with a general overview of what homeowners insurance covers after a disaster and how it works.

Discrimination Around Work And Employment

This resource goes over discrimination in the workplace including links to employment discrimination issue guides and process guides to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under federal law, the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights (LCHR), and state.

Unpaid Wages, Including Sample Demand Letter

This resource has general information and FAQs on Unpaid Wages, a sample demand letter to your employer, plus a link to a program you can use to automatically create an unpaid wages demand letter. Just answer a few questions and your letter will be generated. This program does not provide legal advice.

Veteran Discrimination At Work

Do you feel you have been discriminated against because of your status as a veteran? This resource goes over disability and other types of federal and state veteran discrimination in employment situations and the process to file a claim if you have experienced disability discrimination as a veteran.

Harassment At Work

Do you feel you have been harassed in an employment situation? This resource goes over harassment as the basis of discrimination process in employment situations and the process to file a harassment claim in employment situations.

Renters Insurance After A Disaster

This covers information about renters insurance after a disaster with a general overview of what renters insurance typically covers after a disaster and how it works.

Unemployment Benefits

This information explains unemployment benefits in the state of Louisiana run by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC).

Flood Insurance From The National Flood Insurance Program

This covers information about flood insurance and flood insurance coverage information from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Insurance Claims After A Disaster

This resource covers information about various insurance claims after a disaster event. This includes information about renter's insurance, flood insurance, and homeowner's insurance - including how to file, determining your coverage, documenting issues, and managing disputes with insurance companies.

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