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Employee Or Independent Contractor?

This resource breaks down the differences between employees and independent contractors.

Avoid Contractor Fraud And Scams

Information for those who are working with contractors and want to avoid issues with contractor fraud and scams. Contractor fraud involves a contractor engaging in deceptive behavior to obtain money or other benefits. This type of fraud can take many forms, including overbilling, using inferior material, misrepresenting the services provided, or failing to perform the services agreed upon.

Homeowners Affected By Disasters

This provides information about issues homeowners may face when they own a home that is affected by a natural disaster event.

Disaster Fraud

This resource covers the various topics and issues that occur within the category of disaster fraud. This goes over disaster fraud and gives information about the detection and prevention of fraud related to a disaster.

FEMA Awards And Home Repair(s)

This information is about the limit of the things can FEMA for home repairs, who can appeal a FEMA home repair award, and how to appeal a FEMA home repair award

Housing After A Disaster

A guide to the legal issues a person may encounter in housing after a natural disaster. This includes information for homeowners and renters.

Homeowners Insurance And Disasters

A homeowners insurance policy typically covers natural disasters caused by fire, lightning, hail, windstorm, hurricanes, or tornados. Homeowners insurance does not usually cover floods. Before a natural disaster it is important to know what is covered and not covered as part of your homeowners insurance policy.

FEMA Appeals

This resource includes information about FEMA Appeals including understanding common denial reasons, and the 60-day appeal process, and explains other fundamentals to complete a FEMA Appeal for assistance.

Common Legal Issues After A Disaster

This resource covers housing, consumer, finance after a disaster, family and educational issues, disaster programs and benefits, employment and unemployment after a disaster, wills, estates and guardianships, and other public health emergency issues after a disaster.

Preparing For A Disaster

It is important to plan ahead for disasters. The more you prepare ahead for a disaster, the faster and easier it may be to recover. If you are experiencing the effects of a disaster, you may face different legal problems. This includes information for how to prepare in advance for a disaster and for disaster survivors. A disaster event requires immediate attention and quick remedial action. A disaster involves injury, loss of life, damage to property, or catastrophic interference with normal activities. This information includes how to prepare to deal with sudden, unexpected, or impending situations where a disaster may occur.

Basics Of Workplace Discrimination

This resource goes over discrimination in the workplace including links to employment discrimination issue guides and process guides to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under federal law, Louisiana Commission on Human Rights (LCHR), and state.

Unpaid Wages, Including Sample Demand Letter

This resource has general information and FAQs on Unpaid Wages, a sample demand letter to your employer, plus a link to a program you can use to automatically create an unpaid wages demand letter. Just answer a few questions and your letter will be generated. This program does not provide legal advice.

Veteran Discrimination In Employment

Do you feel you have been discriminated against because of your status as a veteran? This resource goes over disability and other types of federal and state veteran discrimination in employment situations and the process to file a claim if you have experienced disability discrimination as a veteran.

Harassment in Employment Discrimination

Do you feel you have been harassed in an employment situation? This resource goes over harassment as the basis of discrimination process in employment situations and the process to file a harassment claim in employment situations.

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