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After a person's death - the person's property and responsibilities can get planned for. This resource covers how plans for how the property and responsibilities get divided. This includes how property might get divided among spouses, family, or other persons. This covers how a will can get written in a valid way to give a specific plan for property after death.

Estate Planning For A Beneficiary With A Disability

This category covers issues that a person might face when drafting their estate plans if one of their children or other beneficiaries has disabilities. This includes how to transfer assets in ways that do not harm that beneficiary's ability to receive public benefits and other support. It also includes how to ensure that the beneficiary will have long-term support for health and care costs.

Successions Dictionary

A plain-language guide to legal terms, definitions, and processes used in understanding successions in Louisiana. This includes legal issues around wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and other estate/succession issues families deal with. Click on each term to see a summary of the definition. Find links to greater in-depth information explaining more complicated issues in successions.

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