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Property Gets Sold At A Judicial Sale For Less Than The Balance Of The Mortgage - Deficiency Judgments

This resource goes over deficiency judgments. This occurs when the total mortgage debt is more than the foreclosure sale price.

Mortgage Help for Homeowners Affected by Disasters

After a disaster, it is important to get in touch with your bank or mortgage servicer to get relief. Learn what you need to know about getting mortgage help for homeowners who are affected by a disaster event.

Homeowners Affected By Disasters

This provides information about issues homeowners may face when they own a home that is affected by a natural disaster event.

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

The Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) is a nonprofit civil rights organization established in 1995 to eradicate housing discrimination. LaFHAC’s work throughout Louisiana includes educational offerings, free legal services for victims of housing discrimination, policy advocacy, and foreclosure prevention counseling. LaFHAC is dedicated to fighting discrimination because it is an illegal and divisive force that perpetuates poverty and segregation, and limits access to opportunity.

Housing After a Disaster

A guide to the legal issues a person may encounter in housing after a natural disaster. This includes information for homeowners and renters.

Mortgages for Veterans

This information covers mortgage options for veterans and military service members, including opportunities to get a more favorable mortgage, protections, obligations, and dealing with problems that may arise.


This information covers a person's options regarding filing for bankruptcy, dealing with the procedure of it, and the possible outcomes of it. It concerns issues about who should file for bankruptcy, including around who might be collection-proof. It includes how to file for different kinds of bankruptcy -- Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13. It also covers exceptions or exemptions or stays in bankruptcy.

About Eviction in Bond for Deed and Rent to Own Agreements in Louisiana

The eviction processes for two types of contracts less-commonly used in Louisiana for the transfer of residential property: bond for deed and rent to own.

Avoiding Legal Problems Associated with Owning Property

This resource includes information about avoiding legal problems associated commonly with owning property.

Protect Your Property: Heir Property in Louisiana

How homeowners can build wealth and protect their assets

What Happens to a Lease When the Property is Sold or Foreclosed on?

This resource goes over what happens to a lease when the property is sold to someone else, foreclosed upon, or auctioned at a tax sale. Content adapted from Southeast Louisiana Legal Services resources.

Common Legal Issues After a Disaster

This resource covers housing, consumer, finance after a disaster, family and educational issues, disaster programs and benefits, employment and unemployment after a disaster, wills, estates and guardianships, and other public health emergency issues after a disaster.

Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This resource covers the various consumer issues that may come up after a disaster including insurance claims, debt, and bankruptcy.

Louisiana Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities

Individuals who let out their property to residential tenants have responsibilities under Louisiana law and their rights to the leased property are limited during the term of the tenant's lease. This article lays out a landlord's rights to their property and responsibilities to tenants during a residential lease.

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