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About Paternity

Find out about paternity in Louisiana. Why it's important to prove your child's paternity. How to prove paternity. How to fight a paternity suit.

Establishing Paternity

This resource explains how paternity is determined by operation of law and how paternity can be established, changed, or disavowed by a man presumed to be the father of a child by operation of law.

Acknowledgement of Paternity

See these online forms from the Louisiana Department of Health. An acknowledgment of paternity is a legal document that is signed by a father to acknowledge that he is the biological father of the child. The document is typically used to establish paternity for the purpose of obtaining child support or other benefits for the child. It may also be used to establish legal rights for the father, such as the right to visitation or custody.

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement Services include locating a parent, establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, enforcing orders, and collection and distribution of child support. Includes information on application and paternity testing fees as well as contact information for Child Support Enforcement.

Child Custody Dictionary

A plain-language guide to understanding words used in child custody cases. Click on the terms to see the definitions and find links to in-depth articles explaining more complicated issues.

A Guide to Child Custody in Louisiana

This comprehensive guide to child custody in Louisiana covers: Understanding Child Custody, Establishing Child Custody, Modifying Child Custody, and Exercising + Enforcing Child Custody. The guide includes information on paternity, relocation, contempt, failure to exercise or allow custody, the standards for changing child custody judgments, and much more.

Heirship in Successions

If a person dies without a will, i.e. intestate, then the estate gets distributed according to Louisiana law. How property gets divided intestate gets based on the classification of the property. Then the order of succession determines how the property gets left to relatives. This resource goes over the laws that relate to how property gets divided intestate. It includes what the order of succession might be if a person dies without a will.

Child Support

Child support is a payment that one parent pays to the other for the financial support of the children. It is usually paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. It may also include medical, dental, and other forms of insurance premiums.

Family and Medical Leave Rights

This resource answers some common questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act, an important federal law.

Successions Dictionary

A plain-language guide to legal terms, definitions, and processes used in understanding successions in Louisiana. This includes legal issues around wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and other estate/succession issues families deal with. Click on each term to see a summary of the definition. Find links to greater in-depth information explaining more complicated issues in successions.

About Contempt of Court and Enforcing Court Orders

This resource explains the basics of contempt of court and enforcing court orders.

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